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Easy ideas to manage your bill and save energy this summer Featured

Tips and tools to help you save energy and money this summer: Try these simple solutions for a summer of savings. SAVE WITH THESE AC IDEAS!

Seven ways to save:


Cool down with a fan

Fans keep air circulating, allowing you to raise the thermostat a few degrees and stay just as comfortable while reducing your air conditioning costs.  Save up to $10/year

Window ac

Install an airtight AC

Over time, moisture can damage your window air conditioner seal and allow cool air to escape. Keeping the seal tight can help reduce your cooling costs. Save up to $20/year

Air filter

Replace filters as needed

Dirty air filters make your air conditioner work harder to circulate air. By cleaning or replacing your filters monthly, you can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.  Save up to $30/year


Add layers to windows

Use shade coverings and awnings and your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool your home. Save up to $20/year


Close your shades in the summer

Sunlight passing through windows heats your home and makes your air conditioner work harder. You can block this heat by keeping blinds or drapes closed on sunny days. Save up to $10/year

AC area

Clear the area around your AC

Your air conditioning unit will operate better if it has plenty of room to breathe. The air conditioner's outdoor unit, the condenser, needs to be able to circulate air without any interruption or obstruction. Save up to $10/year

Money and hand

Routine AC maintenance pays off

A healthy AC reduces your home's electricity usage and costs. Prevent expensive repairs by checking your AC annually. Plus you can receive rebates of up to $480 for work done by AC Quality Care certified contractors.


Aside from these 7 strategies, try using timers for various appliances like lights and fans. Also, turn off your AC if you plan to leave for long periods of time. Finally, leave appliances unplugged until ready for use. 

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