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Just How Bad Can Losing Your Keys Be? Featured

It's happened to all of us at some point, and with it comes a momentary feeling of sheer terror: you've lost your keys, and they are absolutely NO WHERE to be found!

"Why aren't they where they belong? I always put them there!" You lash out as you rush around your house frantically trying to find them so you won't be late.

Amidst the multitude of explicatives released, your heart rate skyrockets, loved ones become enemies, and thoughts of total helplessness run rampant through your thoughts like children in a bounce house.

Pain, remorse, regret, anxiety, self-doubt; as well, a moment of clarity:

"How can I make sure this never happens again?" You ask yourself.

Then, an even bigger question presents itself:

"Is there a way to make sure I NEVER lose ANYTHING ever again?"

Thank goodness for modern technology! With the advent of Bluetooth came an indescribably powerful tool to aid humanity in its quest to keep track of, as George Carlin pointedly referred to, an ever-growing amount of stuff.

Follow along because the "finding your lost keys" scenario is only the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine all of the other amazing uses for a Bluetooth tracker! Attach them onto anything imaginable - wallets, cars, bags, suitcases, kids, pets, remotes, coats in coat check... you name it! 

One secret trick, well one that most people don't know necessarily, is that trackers can reverse locate a smartphone. Since they rely on Bluetooth connections to a smartphone app, the tracking gadgets can usually be clicked to find a phone.

First, download the app that works with your particular tracker, and link the tracker to the app. Then click it if you can't find your phone, which should — even if it's on silent mode — play a quick tune to help you locate it if it's within range. Nice, right?

What do you use your Bluetooth tracker for?

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