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Saturday, 02 November 2019 13:01

8 Common Money Mistakes Teens Make

Ever notice lessons about personal finance are often missing from your teen’s class schedule? Of the 3.7 million high school graduates in 2019 alone, few received any formal education on how to handle income or answer big questions such as what to spend on rent, whether to buy or lease a car, or how much to put into savings. Not being educated about financial matters early on can put young people at a disadvantage later in life. From accumulating debt and not saving, to holding onto cash when investing may help grow money over the long term. Here’s what you can do to address the most common teen money mistakes and set them up for a better start in the real world.
Sunday, 20 October 2019 20:24

Red Ribbon Week Has Arrived!

Perhaps the excitement of dressing up (or down for pajama day) is what piques our kids' interest, but what is the real story behind Red Ribbon Week? Forewarning: it had little to do with matching outfits, or dressing up like Steve Urkel.

Monday, 26 August 2019 23:31

How To Run A Successful Family Business

Rob Lachenauer, a partner and CEO at Banyan Global Family Business Advisors in Boston, says there’s one thing that makes family businesses different from all others. “In a non-family business, you can quit your job and it’s usually a career enhancing move. In a family business, you sure can’t quit your family,” Lachenauer told me.

Sunday, 31 March 2019 12:05

A Snapshot of the Current State of Public Education

Rankings of the States for 2017, and estimates of school statistics for 2018.

Wednesday, 04 April 2018 04:14

Welcome to Jardin Garden

Welcome to Jardin Garden, a family business building a brand from the ground up!


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